It all began with debilitating eye fatigue and ocular migraines…

Digitalization has put a sharp strain on our delicate eyes, so we created a multi-functional tool to fit the narrative of the modern digital world.

 Our ethos represents a deep dedication to technological capabilities and innovation in supporting human health, beauty, and wellness. We find advanced manufacturing capabilities, the highest quality materials, and meticulous programming precision to collaborate on breakthrough technology for at-home use that unites our mission to care for ocular health.

  • We are a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Alignment 
  • Responsible Production & Consumption 
  • Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights
  • No Animal Testing 


Every detail of the EyeSystem experience was crafted to help you live and feel better in the beautiful world around us with the highest quality level of technological development at the comfort of your own home.