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Everybody knows — eyes are the window to the soul

Eyes are two of the most complex organs in the body, but can often be taken for granted. The eyes, like the rest of the body, are subject to stress and can lose their full potential if not properly taken care of. This is especially important at a time when we are experiencing the highest levels of strain due to high digital exposure in the modern world.

Japan is one of the leaders in innovation and high-tech applications, which is why EyeSystem was built using the expertise and highest quality manufacturing capabilities of Japan. Each device is developed at the OMD laboratories with the participation of healthcare experts, conducting research studies at the leading clinics of Japan.

Our mission is to raise awareness surrounding eye health and to provide a powerful tool necessary to serve the human eyes. We created EyeSystem for an easy-to-use and convenient at-home solution that will actionably aid eye health, relieve stress, headaches, and improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and blood circulation.